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Farewell to Patrick Tisseghem

Posted by chrissyz on September 6, 2008

It is extremely sad for the passing of my dearest friend and mentor Patrick Tisseghem. I am still in shock and couldn’t believe this is real.

Patrick and I met in the sharepoint training course in Canberra and became good friends immediately since then. We talked about everything: dreams, beers, cars, lifes.. and of course SharePoint. He is charming, inspiring and down to earth. A man with integrity and true characters. He leads me not only in the adventurer of SharePoint but also in the journey of life.

He encouraged me to start this blog and also named it. (We had a couple of “disputes” about the name 🙂 ) And today, when I am writing his farewell here, I looked back fondly on those time. Patrick, thank YOU for making my journey in Sharepoint such a memorable experience and always be there for me during my highs and lows in life. No word can describe how deeply I will miss you, my dearest friend, may God be with you and may you rest in peace.


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