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Choose your Enterprise Search solution wisely

Posted by chrissyz on December 6, 2008

In the whole SharePoint technology family, Search is one of my favorites. J Enterprise Search plays more and more important role in the organizations. In the world of business, Search isn’t just about looking for information, it is about finding the content and applying the knowledge you gather and using it to benefit the business. It is about real people needing the right tools to help them get their jobs done. When you look from this perspective, you will understand the search experience you have on Internet can’t really satisfy the enterprise level requirement.

 The following are the key questions for you to consider before you implement search solution:

Ø  What sort of search solution do they after: web, desktop, Intranet

Ø  Do you want a search alone product or an Enterprise portal

Ø  What’s their UI requirement, result presentation

Ø  What’s your Enterprise Content sources

Ø  Security requirements

Ø  Do you need people search or LOB search

Let’s have a look at what Microsoft has offered lately:


Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

Microsoft Search Server 2008

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Search Center

˜ ˜

˜ Y

˜Y ˜

No Preset Document Limits


Extensible Search Experience


˜Y ˜

Relevance Tuning

   y ˜ ˜



Continuous Propagation Indexing




Indexing Connectors




Federated Search Connectors




Security Trimmed Results




Unified Administration Dashboard




Query and Results Reporting




Streamlined Installation




High Availability and Load Balancing




People and Expertise Searching



Business Data Catalog



SharePoint Productivity Infrastructure




I like to high light some key features in the MOSS 2007 Search that might makes a difference:

·         Relevance

Bear in mind that Enterprise Search is different from Internet Search in the link structure, cross-site hierarchy and security.  The Enterprise search algorithm is tuned for Enterprise content. It gets the most relevant results quickly. Meanwhile, the indexing engine used for all MS applications is from the common code base. This enables common functionality and extensibility between the applications that use it.


·         Integration

From integration point of view, MOSS 2007 Search is exposed as an XML web service which enables deep integration with office applications. Users can expose enterprise level search functionality from within their own office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint by displaying custom task pane or document information panel (DIP).


·         Comprehensiveness

Where users do have unobstructed access to structured data, differences in the search interface, syntax, and query methods can result in challenges both during the search for information and when interpreting results. MOSS 2007 provides a common Search framework, regardless of the information source, and make sure that the interface allows casual users to have easy access to complex data sets.


Ø  Effectively Search unstructured data

Although people generally have access to unstructured data, the process of finding it is often inefficient, with files in multiple locations (for example, multiple file shares containing duplicate copies and different versions of documents). MOSS 2007 can search all repositories across your enterprise (Windows File shares, Exchange Public Folder, Lotus Notes database, web content); It also extensible to include all types of files and to custom repositories.


Ø  Search structured data

Many organizations lock down much of their structured data, for fear of unauthorized users seeing more than they should — resulting in users being deprived of information that could be useful to them. Using MOSS 2007 and the Business Data Catalog it will be possible to index all the structured data stored in LOB like CRM, ERP, SAP and other databases and expose the data within the search results. This blending of structured data and unstructured data makes finding the right information easier and faster. Using the BDC, you have generic, reusable components in the form of the Business Data Web Parts. These components use the metadata repository to go out to the various business applications across the organization, retrieve the needed data, and present it in a single place. Also, this happens without the need to write code or compile binaries; all the information SharePoint needs to connect to the business application is stored in XML format in the metadata repository.


Ø  Knowledge Interchange  (People Search)

Getting a job done involves working with the right people, so it is important to find subject matter experts based on their knowledge and contacts. It is often difficult to find the specific experts within the company and this causes wasted time and effort in duplication of efforts. MOSS2007 enables intranet users to easily search over people and area of expertise within the enterprise. This ability to make connections is critical to improve stuff effectiveness in large enterprise environment. Opt for an integrated solution, whereby the user can easily make good use of real-time communications, to build relationships such as knowledge networks and project teams

·         Security

Look for solutions that provide custom security trimming, as well as standard features to help protect corporate information from unauthorized access. Find out how granular the administrative controls are and check for customizable interfaces, scalability, and extensibility

Ø  Only provide the result the user would allow to see

Search in MOSS 2007 provides query time security trimming and support pluggable authentication for content in WSS/MOSS site


Ø  Easy security management

Administrators can create user roles that determine the kind of information that can be viewed by users during a search. This access control can be broad or granular as defined by the corporation. All of these tasks are administered through the Central Administration and SharePoint Service Portal interfaces, making security administration more usable and efficient.


·         Extensibility and scalability

There are several ways in MOSS 2007 to customize content. The search center interface can be easily branded to reflect the identity of your organization visually and additional tab can be put in place to reflect the difference variations of the users searched most often. Familiar look and filter the users and provide quick access to a specific application, database or Directory anyway in your enterprise. By adding search enabled web part to the personalization template provide by SP, query result is only relevant for each individual user. And the Search Admin API and Query API allows developers develop custom search application to cater to meet specific business requirement throughout enterprise



2 Responses to “Choose your Enterprise Search solution wisely”

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  2. […] Algunos consejos y guías útiles a la hora de seleccionar una solución de búsquedas empresarial u otra. […]

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