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The SharePoint tools we love…

Posted by chrissyz on January 30, 2009

In my previous post, I introduced a few development tools that essential for SharePoint development. This time, I will introduce a couple of add-ons. All developers, it is not necessary to have them, but for me, they are like these little cherries on the cake.:)

  • SPDisposeCheck  Get it while it is hot. 🙂 Microsoft’s latest release. It checks the assemblies that use SharePoint API and provide assistance in correctly disposing certain SharePoint Objects like SPSite and SPWeb. It will help us to follow the memory management best practice when coding against SharePoint API with IDisposable Objects and avoid unnecessary memory leak in the code.
  • SharePoint Manager 2007 An excellent SharePoint object model explorer and management utility. It enables you to browser every site in your local farm and view and change every property. You can also enable/disable features through it.
  • SPTraceView Nice tool for trouble shooting SharePoint. It processes all sharepoint diagnostic tracing in real time (ULS tracing) and notify you using a balloon-style mesages in the tray. Especially when it comes to solution deployment time
  • Application Pool Recycle Utility A small tool providing quick access to common IIS tasks which are useful on SharePoint development box.
  • SharePoint Search Service Tool It is bascially a rich client for the Sharepoint Search.asmx. Very useful to help you build complex search queries. It is actually a You can manipulate the scope and managed properties through the UI instead of going into SSP. This tool can also be used for troubleshooting
  • U2U CAML Builder No need to say how important this tool in our daily work. It also reminds me my very good friend Patrick Tisseghem as well. Patrick, we miss you!
  • WssAnalyzeFeatures Small tool allows to verify if the feature definition files for all installed features are present on the file system. It also help you to verify the features used in the site collections and sites are installed on the server.
  • The last but not the least Microsoft Best practices Analyzer for WSS and MOSS  Do a health check for your SharePoint farm, is that your new year resolution?:)

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